Atalar Mah. Üsküdar Cad. No:112 Kartal/İstanbul
As Private World Polyclinic, we serve the Medical Aesthetics sector.

Private World Polyclinic, which serves in the Medical Aesthetics sector, has made a significant investment in both its employees and the health institution it serves due to the intense demand and technical needs recently. For the last 2 years, it has been serving in its new place with the technical equipment it has made completely from scratch.

As we always say, this is your home

Our Healthcare Institution includes the latest technology equipment, comfort areas, cafes and so on. It has been carefully prepared and designed to make you feel our valued guests at home. From the moment you enter, our Healthcare Institution welcomes you with our friendly staff in the welcoming area. Our teammates with whom you are in constant communication will be with you throughout your entire process.